Steve has been Tattooing full time professional since 1999. Starting out with Dave Banfield at The Tattoo House in Dewsbury after working from home for 9 years. He was there for 18 months then set Somewherelse up in Cleckheaton in October 2001. He has also worked along side Carl Cooke from Artful Ink in Co. Durham, helping out through a couple of summers two days a week.

Steve has done the convention scene for a couple of years from 2001 to 2005 and picked up a couple of Trophies along the way. Including Best Done On Day, Small Black and Grey Female and Best cover-up among others. Now concentrating on the studio and the business side of things he is leaving it to the other artists in the studio to take up the challenge of the conventions.

Steve is quite at home with many styles and free-hand Tribal but has a reputation for good cover-up work. A firm believer in that Black is the last resort for covers he has produced many bright colourful pieces to rid clients of pieces they no longer desire.